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Strip or cylinders, flat, cup or round brushes... this is the most wide and complex range, were Colplast can provide the best solution for every purpose: cleaning, transporting, polishing in dry, wet or underwater conditions.

PA BERYLON 6, 66, 6.12: technical fibers with high wear and temperature resistance. Our R&D office will suggest you the right kind of nylon fiber for your applications, in according to the operative conditions of your product. (dry or wet ambient, service temperature, chemical substances...)

PPL MAPLON: Atoxic and chemical proof fiber, light, cheap and easy to work, treated with double molecular stabilization to obtain the best technical stability.

PBT TECHNOCLEAN: fiber characterized by excellent stability at high temperatures, shining and elastic, with very good wear resistance. It's the best choice for Food Contact industry and wet application.

POLYETILENE: fiber with high bend recovery and very low stiffness.

Suggested for the treatment of delicate surfaces and for fruit cleaning and polishing industry.


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